EDCTM Ultimate Flashlights

EDCTM Ultimate Flashlight

EDC Ultimate

Discontinued - sold August 2004 through October 2006

The EDC Ultimate flashlight is the pinnacle in state-of-the-art pocket flashlights. We combined the pioneering electronic, thermal, optical and interface technologies from the Action Light series into a pocket-sized flashlight to create this best-of-class everyday carry flashlight. This is the smallest, brightest and most versatile flashlight available. The light is so small you can carry it with you wherever you go while at the same time having the light output associated with much larger flashlights.

The EDC Ultimate flashlight is available in the following models:

EDC Ultimate Extreme - 85 lumens maximum output.
EDC Ultimate 60 - 60 lumens maximum output. ($195)
EDC Ultimate 60 GT - 60 lumens maximum output with guaranteed tint. ($245) This flashlight is for those who must have the absolute whitest white in output tint. These are the whitest LEDs manufactured. We guarantee the color of these LEDs will lie close to the Planckian black body radiator line in the range of 0.30 to 0.33 on the x-coordinate on the CIE-1931 Chromaticity Diagram.
EDC Ultimate 60 XR - 60 lumens maximum output with extended runtime. ($245) This flashlight provides a 50% longer minimum runtime at 60 lumens than the standard model.
EDC Ultimate 60 XR GT - 60 lumens maximum output with extended runtime and guaranteed tint. ($295) This flashlight combines the features of the EDC Ultimate 60 XR and the EDC Ultimate 60 GT into a single flashlight.

The EDC Ultimate flashlights provides the following features:

  • Your choice of maximum output - the world's smallest tactical brightness LED flashlight. 4 preset levels, 20 brightness levels with visually even spacing
  • Fully regulated settings for constant brightness. Gracefully steps down to lower brightness levels to extend dying batteries
  • Simple, intuitive single-button interface allows single-click On/Off. Additional brightness settings are quickly accessible. Features fully configurable
  • 10 hours constant output on the Primary setting (10 lumens) using a single lithium CR123A battery. 20 minute minimum runtime on Maximum setting
  • Ultra clear coated glass lens for maximum light output and improved scratch resistance. Optional polycarbonate lens
  • Machined aerospace aluminum case with military hard anodize finish
  • Will not damage rechargeable batteries. We highly recommend rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Reverse battery protection without diode power penalty
  • Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof configuration
  • Full thermal management - cannot overheat or get excessively hot
  • Waterproof to 2 atmospheres
  • Pocket clip and optional lanyard ring
  • Dimensions: Ø 25.4mm x 82mm (Ø 1" x 3.2")
  • Weight: 86g (3oz)
  • Configurable options: all brightness settings, emergency strobe signal, SOS emergency signal (46CFR161.013-7 compliant), flashing locator (so you can find the light in the dark), turn on to last or specific setting, automatic switch lock (prevent accidental turn-on during transport or storage), automatic turn-off and two forms of momentary operation

We have made selecting the brightness you need so convenient you will not be afraid to use a lower brightness setting for most of your tasks. When the light is on, just press and hold the button to get the maximum brightest - any time. As a result, your batteries last many times longer than they did before.

Improvements over the Arc4 and Arc4X Flashlights

We have made the following improvements from the Arc4 and Arc4X flashlights:
  • Increased calibrated light output from 30 lumens (Arc4) or 42 lumens (Arc4X) to 60 lumens.
  • Increased power supply output and efficiency for the brighter settings and added additional dimmer settings
  • Four brightness settings with a latching maximum brightness setting, all brightness settings are settable to a custom brightness
  • Removed battery length sensitivity and potential for intermittent connection
  • All new robust switch design, reduced button profile, button guard
  • Ultra clear coated glass lens for maximum light output and improved scratch resistance
  • New and improved optional features including emergency strobe signal, automatic switch lock (prevent accidental turn-on during transport or storage) and automatic turn-off


EDC Ultimate Flashlight User's Guide (PDF)

EDC Ultimate Flashlight Quick Start (PDF)

EDC Ultimate Flashlight Quick Reference Card

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