Arc4TM Flashlights

Arc4TM Flashlight

Arc4 flashlight

Discontinued - sold January 2004 through March 2004

The Arc4 Flashlight - marketed under the Arc4+ name - is our latest innovation in state-of-the-art flashlights. We combined the small form-factor of a pocket flashlight with the advanced electronic, thermal and optical technologies from the Action Light series to create this best-of-class everyday carry light. The light is so small you can carry it with you wherever you go while at the same time providing the output associated with much larger lights.

The Arc4 Flashlight provides the following features:

  • 30 lumens typical on the brightest setting. Arc4X was 42 lumens.
  • Fully regulated settings for constant brightness. Gracefully steps down to lower brightness settings to extend dying batteries.
  • User selectable 16 brightness settings spaced for visually even appearance. Brightest, dimmest and two configurable settings are quickly accessible. Dimmest setting will preserve dark adaption without the use of red filters.
  • 8 hours of 8 lumens constant output typical on recommended normal setting using lithium CR123A battery. Every two settings dimmer doubles battery life.
  • Will not accidentally over discharge or damage rechargeable batteries and no sudden darkness when using rechargeable lithium batteries with protection circuits
  • Reverse battery protection without diode power penalty
  • Intrinsically safe configuration
  • Full thermal management - cannot overheat or get excessively hot
  • Simple, intuitive single-button interface allows single-click on/off and momentary operation as well as momentary use of maximum brightness when light is on
  • Configurable electronic switch lock-out (forced off mode - prevent accidental turn-on during transport or storage)
  • SOS emergency signal (46CFR161.013-7 compliant)
  • Configurable flashing locator (so you can find the light in the dark)
  • Configurable ready-for-service indication after battery change

We have made using the brightnesses you want so convenient you will no longer be afraid of using a lower brightness setting for most of your tasks. When the light is on, just press and hold the button to get the brightest setting - any time. As a result, your batteries last many times longer than they did before.

And the dimmest setting is dim enough to protect your night vision. In fact, astronomers and pilots are now able to stop carrying their red flashlights and just use the dimmest setting on their Arc4 flashlights.


Arc4 Flashlight User's Guide (PDF).

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