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Action LightTM

All-in-One (CV) Model
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Action Light on helmet

"When your life depends on it"

Discontinued - sold June 1999 through February 2000

Used original constant voltage power supply for High and Medium settings and resistor for Low setting with all power controlled by switch.

The original member of the Action Light family, the All-in-One model is a revolutionary new concept in flashlight (headlamp) design employing an array of 24 white LEDs (light emitting diodes) that provides more light than a standard flashlight or a carbide lamp. Powered by a single D-cell lithium 10 year battery, the Action Light All-in-One model has three brightness settings: on High it will operate for 10 hours, on Medium for 50 hours, and on Low for an incredible 300 hours! The Medium setting is more than adequate for most activities. The LEDs can be expected to last for 100,000 hours on the High setting. The Action Light is designed to the most exacting standards; it is virtually indestructible, waterproof to 100m, and intrinsically safe. It will NEVER leave you in the dark! To really appreciate what this light can do, you should read the full description of its special technologies.

You will probably find, as we have, that the Low setting provides enough light to follow good trails while the Medium setting provides plenty of light for following faint trails or challenging routes. The High setting is usually reserved for looking longer distances.

Standard Configurations
All-in-One Includes two lithium batteries, lens protector, blade (3/4" flat hook), full instruction manual and choice of colors.

Action Light All-in-One Features
Model All-in-One
White LEDs Bulbs 24
LED Bulb Life Unbreakable bulbs
Over 100,000 hours on High setting
Bulbs never need replacing
Power Source Single lithium battery
Battery Contacts Flexible
Battery Shelf Life 10 years
Battery Cord Connection Terminal block and strain relief
Brightness Settings 3
Hours of Light With Lithium Batteries 12 - High
50 - Medium
300 - Low
SlowDie Circuitry High power settings dim slowly as battery dies
FOREVER Mode Hours of light from nearly dead batteries
Beam Pattern Optimized for best night vision
Beam Angle 1, 3 and 6 f-stops 20°/40°/80°
Color Temperature 6500°K
Color Rendering Index 85 - superior color rendering
Waterproof 100m (328ft)
Intrinsically Safe Yes
Lens Scratch resistant polycarbonate with replaceable lens protector
Construction Aircraft aluminum case
316 stainless steel hardware
Finish Military Type III hard anodize: black
Type II anodize: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold
Mounting World-standard blade (3/4" flat hook) with swivel
Weight 397g (14oz)
Dimensions 90mm by 81mm
by 54mm (3.5"
by 3.2" by 2.1")
Temperature Range -40° to 50°C (-40° to 122°F)
Price $299

CAUTION Whereas a sudden total failure is very unlikely, it is still possible. Therefore, we strongly recommend you always carry a second light with you. We also recommend you carry enough spare batteries to cover your stay plus a reasonable safety margin. It is not necessary to start each trip with a new battery in your lamp as long as you have a spare battery along.

Owner's Manual

The Owner's Manual teaches you how to properly use and care for your Action Light.


Version 1.2: add swivel blade (3/4" flat hook) mount. Add replaceable lens protector.

Version 1.1: discontinue battery cap changing light.

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