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EDC Bicycle flashlight

The HDS Systems' EDC Bicycle flashlights provide a Clicky-style interface that is geared toward bicycle riding. It turns on to Medium (level 16), press and hold for Maximum (level 24), double-click to toggle between Medium and Beacon Strobe and triple-click for Pulsating Strobe. Turning on to Medium provides plenty of light for most situations and very long runtimes. Maximum is always directly accessible, even from off. Presets may be customized if desired.

Abused EDC LE Our Clicky-style flashlights are the most rugged and reliable flashlights available. The photo shows the level of abuse this light can tolerate and keep on working. This photo was taken after the light was severely abused for two hours, starting with repeated drops from 10m (33 feet) on to concrete and them being thrown as hard as possible at concrete, rocks and steal grates or as far as possible down a paved road.

The four preset brightness levels can be customized so you can adjust the levels to better fit your changing requirements. But don't worry, you will never accidentally customize your flashlight. You have to enable customization before making any changes and then you can disable customization once you are finished - preserving the simplicity of operation.

HDS Systems has been pioneering flashlight technologies since the advent of white LEDs in 1997 to create our best-of-class products. Our flashlights can be customized to fit your particular needs, even as your needs change over time. And our flashlights are small enough to carry with you at all times. A flashlight is only useful if you have it with you when you need it.


Custom EDC Bicycle Models

We also offer custom built configurations to provide you complete flexibility in specifying your ultimate flashlight.


EDC Bicycle Flashlight User's Guide (PDF)
EDC Bicycle Flashlight Advanced User's Guide (PDF)

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