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The EDC Flashlights come in a variety of different configurations. Start here to learn about the different user interface options available and which model best fits your needs.

EDC CustomTM-built Flashlight

EDC Custom flashlight The EDC Custom-built flashlight is built to your specifications. Choose between different user interfaces, LEDs, materials, colors and other features. Create the ultimate flashlight of your dreams.

Product catalog

See our product catalog to browse our many flashlights and accessories.

EDC RotaryTM Flashlights

The EDC Rotary flashlight revolutionized the use of flashlights. A convenient rotary control allows you to quickly adjust the brightness anywhere from maximum to very dim - even before you turn the light on.

EDC TacticalTM Flashlights

EDC Tactical The EDC Tactical flashlight features two momentary operation modes - one with Maximum output and one with Tactical Strobe - for those tactical situations that require "flash and dash" techniques. You also have convenient access to any brightness level from bright to dim using a rotary dial and a click on/off interface - for the more mundane tasks such as filling out paperwork or investigating a crime scene. Access to full tactical is instantly available using only gross motor skills - even with heavy gloves or in a noisy environment - when things must be simple and just have to work.

EDC ExecutiveTM Flashlights

The EDC Executive flashlights use a single button interface to provide a multi-brightness everyday carry pocket flashlight for the sophisticated flashlight user. These lights are designed for all around utility - coming on to a medium brightness level for long battery life, yet providing instant access to maximum.

EDC LETM Flashlights

EDC LE The EDC LE flashlights are a single button multi-brightness everyday-carry pocket flashlight for law enforcement and security tasks. This flashlight features a tactical brightness with extended runtimes for low operating cost, a true tactical mode, a raised button and all black exterior. You can directly and instantly access maximum output at all times. You are provided direct access to medium and Tactical Strobe.

EDC BicycleTM Flashlights

The EDC Bicycle flashlights use a single button interface to provide a multi-brightness, multi-strobe everyday carry pocket flashlight for the sophisticated bicycle rider. These flashlights are designed for all around utility and high bicycle visibility.

EDC SpecialtyTM Flashlights

The EDC Specialty flashlights are monochromatic models for highly specialized tasks such as forensics, game viewing, astronomy and night vision. Specialty LEDs are offered through our EDC Custom-built page.

Flashlight Accessories

Check out the many accessories that can increase the utility of your flashlight.

Legacy Products

Information about our legacy products is still available.

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