Customer Testimonials

Just thought you might appreciate a photo of an oldie from another era. 15 years old, still in use, and still my favourite flashlight. It's a Ra-170-Cn.

Your rotary flashlight has easily become my favorite flashlight that I've ever used! I've gotten rid of many of my other ones since I don't feel I need them anymore after using them.

Would like to take the chance to say that I am a huge fan of your flashlights. After getting a HDS Rotary flashlight, I stopped looking at other EDC sized flashlights and carry one of your lights every time I leave the house. Thank you for putting such an amazing product on the market.

I have never written a fan letter about a flashlight before but I purchased an HDS rotary I think five or six years ago and it is my favorite flashlight I have ever owned. I have lost it a couple of times and was crestfallen until it eventually turned up. Very happy it is still in my possession.

Received the flashlight today and was excited to try it out.

Sir, this is a *beautiful* example of craftsmanship. Not just a great, practical device, but shows excellent attention to detail and a feeling of solidity and quality.

I am truly impressed, and so delighted I finally ordered one!

A long time has passed since I’ve received my EDC Rotary 200 lumens flashlight from you in 2014 and I’m still happy with it. Almost daily in use - and no fault whatsoever which is absolutely brilliant. For the last 15 years I honestly found no better flashlight. Your products are truly remarkable.

I’ve used this light a lot in many different situations and it’s definitely one of the finest made tools I’ve ever owned. What amazing quality and performance you put into your lights! Thank you so very much.

Hello, my name is AJ and I just wanted to shoot you a quick email today to send you some praise. Too many people now days are quick to spread negativity but I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love your products. In fact, since I worked as a mechanic at a trucking company when I was 18 way back in the day, I have carried a light on me everyday since. I now work at a software company but still carry a light on me regardless. Having a flashlight on me has saved me more times than I could count and also has provided me the opportunity to play the role of a hero countless times. I have lit up a room after a power outage, worked on a stranger’s car on the side of the road one evening, found a lost Apple AirPod in the grass after a party, and even helped direct traffic away from a giant hay bale in the middle of the road that could have totaled one’s car. Just the simple notion of carrying a light has truly opened up the world for me. I just wanted to say thank you for putting out an amazing light like the EDC LE. Keep up the fantastic work and have a great day.

I just purchased my second SS40 Rotary and I just have to compliment the workmanship in these lights. They're really just an incredible tool made like a work of art and every bit of attention to detail is so well done.

I got the new light yesterday. It’s great! Thanks so much for taking care of me so quickly. I’ve got 5 of your lights. I truly believe you make the best product on the market. I am appreciative of the amazing product and top notch customer service.

In regards to your light in general, I have to say that it’s got the best interface I’ve ever used (and I’ve had hundreds of torches since my first torch in the late sixties). The torch is so useable in all the varying circumstances that I work under that I’ve now ordered a special holster for it from Thor’s Hammer because I will now carry the torch everywhere.

What the heck man? Did you invent the best flashlight ever made? I can’t get over this thing, so well thought out. Well done.

Nothing else out there is tougher, more reliable or practical. I don’t know how you guys do it.

I've just received a Ra Twisty that I picked up used. I just wanted to tell you what an amazing thing it is. I was raised by an engineer and used to have to stand on a box when I was a kid to be able to use our lathe. It's many years since I did any turning, but I do appreciate simple, well made equipment. This Twisty is an absolute gem and I could not be more pleased at finding it.

Thanks again for producing the best lights available.

You are amazing. The thought and hard work that you invested to design and manufacture the HDS lights resulted in an outstanding product.

In my opinion, the HDS lights are best in class and not one competitor is even close. There are so many great features including the programming, user interface battery compartment, outer shell design, switch, battery compatibility, battery warning indicators and so much more.

One of my goals is to own your of top of the line in the Executive format. Towards that end I purchased a used Titanium EDC Clicky. That light is now on the way to your shop for the Titanium Upgrade.

I always carry a HDS light and use it at least 60 minutes daily. I currently own six. It is not often that one finds such an incredible product. Thank you for taking the time to make the HDS flashlights.

This was my first flashlight from HDS. I am very happy and satisfied with your product. The rotary control is just amazing with such fine level [control] of one hand, easy adjustment.

HDS lights are highly praised on CandlePowerForums and it's how I found out about your products. I've got to say it really does not disappoint and lives up to the hype...

Just so you know... I have a wife, son and twin daughters... ALL have an HDS Rotary in their pockets,... (along with their Hinderer XM knives)... along with 2 of my closest friends... AND, I actually have 2... I believe in them that much...

I am writing to you today just to let you know how much I love my HDS Executive Clicky. There are thousands of lights out there and I have checked them all out before pulling the trigger and bought one of yours. I have used it for more than a year today and I still get to smile whenever I pull it out to use it. The simple joy it gives me everyday is more than enough to ease the day to day stress and fatigue from work. Knowing you have a very reliable light at your disposal makes you feel confident to face whatever life throws at you. You really did make an amazing product.

I HAPPILY purchased an HDS Systems EDC Rotary light from Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada many years ago. The light is incredible! I have used it as my EDC carry light as well as my primary light while I’m at work as a Captain of an Airbus A320.

I returned home from a trip to Toronto to find USPS had delivered the EDC Rotary. I used it this evening for a night walk with the dog and love it. Honestly, a great product. I'm just south of Boston so the Pilot Test was night use, with gloves, and it just worked great. Simple to use, perfect size for the hand and coat pocket, outstanding build quality, very bright at highest setting, intuitive rotary adjustment design. Well worth the money.

I've been through a number of less expensive lights (Fenix, etc) and have finally found the right light with the EDC Rotary. Thanks Henry for the wonderful design, build, and operation! I now see why HDS has such a strong following from those who desire a great LED light.

I picked up your HDS Rotary almost two years ago. I've tried a lot of flashlights over the years, and this one is - finally - the last one I'll buy. I liked it so much, that I pulled my duty flashlight off of my work belt, and use the Rotary all day, every day now. I go to work, pull the Rotary out of my pocket and put it on the duty belt. At the end of shift, I pull it off the duty belt and put it back in my pocket.

It does building searches, it walks the dog, it goes camping, it goes into the cockpit and does preflights at night, and it finds my toddler's favorite blanket when he loses it in the middle of the night and can't sleep without it.

Best of all, with all that use, it looks as good as the day I bought it. It just won't wear out. Your light is a life saving, and life-time tool.

Keep it up.

Your tactical light spent the last half hour in the washing machine and still works normally. Looks a little cleaner too.

I just dropped my flashlight 14' onto a solid concrete floor with no damage what so ever. Thank you for producing a product of great quality!

This is my 3rd HDS light (wife and son now have one) so I figured it's time to learn how to program. I admit, a little intimidating at first, but once you slow down and really read, it's not hard. This is a super powerful Flashlight with infinite programmability!

I enjoyed the outstanding workmanship, design and utility of the first flashlight I purchased from you - I need another. I’m looking forward to this one as well.

I know you’ve heard testimonies before, and know what kind of abuse your lights will take, but since buying [my LE 200] in 2012 (while on my first deployment to Afghanistan), it has been on 2 more deployments attached to the front of an M4 while I was in the Army, and as a civilian contractor, overseas and has served me tried and true in the civilian sector. I am now going about the process of joining the Marines, and wherever they send me, it will continue to go with me. I will forever be an HDS customer, supporter and promoter. No question about it.

Just received my light. As always, your lights rock and your service is awesome! This one is coming to work with me (Fire & Arson Investigator).

I just wanted you to know that you make excellent flashlights with excellent quality. I have several of your flashlights and I have carried one of the Rotaries every day for years and have not had any problems. Keep up the good work.

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing product that you guys provided. I have carried an HDS LE 325 lumen Clicky every day since Christmas. It's been exposed to a lot of harsh environments and has never failed me. Even helped me repair my car in a blizzard. I don't ever leave home without it. It's with me everyday. Honestly, in my opinion it is the best flashlight out there that you can buy. I've had other brands of flashlights such as surefire. They are nice but just doesn't compare to the HDS flashlight.

We’ve had these [EDC-T1B-325] now for a few months and find them exceptional. Very good design. Well thought out, you did a great job. Thank you.

I just wanted to let you know that, after what seemed like a loooooong wait, my HDS Tactical light finally landed in my hands.

I absolutely love it! I’m a Surefire guy, and I love my E2D Led Ultra and E1D lights, but comparing them to my new HDS is unfair. The Surefires are amazing products in their own right, but the HDS is going to follow me around for the rest of my life. The manufacturing quality and attention to detail are amazing, and once you open it up, it becomes clear that each light has been hand assembled by people who actually give a shit about what they do in life.

So yeah, I was a little pissed that it took 2 weeks more than announced to get my light, but now that I have it, it’s forgotten.

Thank you for making such a kick-ass product!

Cheers from your friend in France.

The flashlight arrived today. It’s beautifully designed and made. Thank you for all the thought you’ve put into this. You must be proud of what you’ve made.

I tried nearly 100 flashlights to get the perfect light. My journey ended some years ago with the Rotary. IMHO the best light on the market and nearly perfect (the knurling could be a little bit more agressive)! Thank you very much!

I want you to know that I proudly carry my HDS EDC Tactical flashlight everyday (I'm just a common office worker), and while most people don't understand spending $300 for a flashlight, I know it is worth every penny.

I have had these lights since 2009 & 2010 and they have performed flawlessly. They have literally been around the world with me and always drawing a crowd when I have needed to use them. Everyone wants to see the light that is so small yet delivering the sun. My cerakote 200 is showing wear but that adds character I think. From being in the desert at night to camping to using it when the storm knocks the power out, never once have they failed. It is a piece of mind knowing it is there when I need it. Thank you for the products you deliver with, and your customer service.

Thank you for making a superior product! I have at least eight of your lights and really appreciate your design, craftsmanship and build quality! I consider HDS the most dependable/functional/useful lights available!

Henry, I am sure that you have come to think that I am crazy, over the years. That being said, this light is amazing. No, it does not have the flood-goodness of the 325 but, man, does it reach OUT there! Color rendering is amazing. Led centering is AMAZING. Finish is outstanding.

I really don't know how you do it. You make the greatest torch that I (or anyone, I suspect) have ever seen.

I only wrote this to tell you how awesome you are. Well done.

In case no one's told you out loud, you're the best.

The rotary control is so vastly superior to all the other methods of changing brightness I’ve seen - so glad I googled “best edc single cr123 flashlight”.

I'd done a lot of research regarding my flashlight purchase and once I opened the HDS package and felt the quality of the light, I KNEW I made the right decision.

No worries! I worked in manufacturing and know how delays in retooling to roll a new rev can be. Will look forward to receiving a product with the latest revision. I still use my #14,602 clicky every single day. The only thing that's worn out is the rubber dust boot, so I've picked some up with this order. Best doggone product on the market!

Best interface too. Other lights cram multimode poorly into their products. When I went through a dark/night structure handgun course, everyone was accidentally powering their lights into dim, accidental strobe mode or accidental SOS when doing short momentary bursts to clear structures. Instructors see this happen a lot apparently. Never was an issue with the HDS since it couldn't be put into low light mode with momentary taps, and took a specific tap sequence to momentary strobe. Basically a smart light that operates like a dumb light under stress. Everyone else with issues and fancy lights got handed a loaner Surefire 6P so they'd stop screwing up the course.

Looking forward to trying out the rotary interface and the high CRI LED! Thanks and keep up the great products and R&D. I will pick up another this year with an AA interface once I figure out if I like rotary or clicky better.

The HDS Rotary series are my favorite lights amongst all brands and makes. Simply the perfect EDC light for me.

I got my HDS LE customized in the mail... Man I LOVE the flashlight. This thing is way better than my Surefires and Lenslights in my opinion.

I have this flashlight now since a few days. And like it more than all the Surefires I have.

Best light I ever had!

I am always satisfied with your products, as I trust and use them in my law enforcement career. I am also very pleased with your quick response and customer service. Thanks again for making a wonderful product.

I have received my new torch and would like to make you aware of how delighted I am with it. I've previously used a Fenix PD32 and a Surefire E1B Backup and your torch is far superior in nearly every way. Being a service engineer my torch is in and out of my pocket dozens of times every day so they get a lot of use and the HDS EDC Rotary seems to have a perfect match of form and function.

I gotta say, you are my hero for making such a great product. I have been through a lot of flashlights across the years, working as an EMT, a LEO, and a tech for all sorts of businesses that....require a lot of light in a small space, reliably..and yours have stood the test of time.

Just used it last night when the power went out! Temps dropped rapidly last night here in PA. I got home from work and was sitting in the driveway pressing the garage door button repeatedly before I realized what happened. Had to finish cooking dinner on the gas stovetop by HDS light.

Yesterday I received my 1st (of many I am sure) HDS lights and I must say it is amazing! In my 20+ years of carrying a sidearm there has always been a flashlight riding next to it and it wasn't until now that the light and weapon were of equal quality.

I hope you are as proud to have created such an incredible piece of equipment as I will be to carry it.

HDS has become my only light I use. I don't think I'll ever carry anything else!

I received my EDC Custom on Friday... used it for my night shift on Friday and Saturday and absolutely love it. Just wanted to thank you for creating such an awesome flashlight platform.

Just wanted to say I'm still enjoying and using my Rotary....even just twiddling it round my fingers/hands while watching TV!

But I'm also making use of it and it has become my favorite torch for evening wanderings with my sons.

I'm enjoying it so much I've recently placed an order for an orange Cerakoted N170 and 2 clips from Neolumens!  I look forward to them.

Tonight, while getting ready for bed I noticed a vehicle stopped in front of my mothers house. Quick backstory, I live across the street and one house over from my mother. Mom died last year, we are still going through all the stuff and preparing the home for sale.

The person in the vehicle had a bright light and was scanning the windows of moms house. I ran out of the house, then through 18"s of snow, confronting the driver with your light in hand. He demanded that I "get that light out of my face". I did not have the light in his face, it was off axis. I demanded that he get out of the vehicle. He then went to raise a weapon. I held the tail cap and blinded him with the strobe, as I side stepped and drew my weapon. He backed down and raised his hands. It turned out that he was a freelance repo man who had the wrong address. I really believe that the strobe disoriented him enough to surrender. It could have been horrible but instead cool heads prevailed, no one was hurt.

Thanks for making a light that works when you need it!

I just wanted to let you know how much I've gotten to love my HDS 140CN. I got it about two years ago, and ever since I've never walked through the door at the volunteer technical rescue station or gotten into the ambulance at work without it clipped to my pocket. It's been dropped dozens of times, and has even been used as a dive light (only to 15 feet), and is still working as good as the day I got it.

A few months ago, Colorado underwent the worst floods in recent memory, and my Clicky was put through the paces once again. We got called to a car that was washed off the side of the road with a person stuck on top. Once we got on scene we saw the car about 500 feet away in the middle of a 700-1000 foot torrent, running about knee deep over the road surface, and 5+ feet off either side of the road. Our rescue truck's light tower barely lit up the scene, so i reached for my Clicky and with a little paracord tied it to the shoulder strap of my PFD.  The light made a world of difference being able to see all the debris floating towards us, and assessing the vehicle's stability before approaching it with our inflatable raft. That night, and in the subsequent three days we ended up assisting and saving over 15 people, and 10 dogs, the whole time, my trusty HDS was there never missing a beat.  I'm not an expert when it comes to flashlights, but having gone through several cheap ones before I know if it survives more then a few months of my abuse it's a darn good light.  

As long as I am in the business of helping people I will always have a trusty HDS by my side. Thanks again for making such a dependable and robust light!

Wow Henry, I have a good story for you haha. I am a communications worker and I work at fairly high heights most of the time. Today I was on top of a 125 foot radio tower and did my job. When I got to the bottom I noticed my EDC tactical wasn't in my pocket. Looked around and finally found it on the ground at the base. I expected at the very least the lens to be shattered and most likely the case to be fairly deformed.

Almost not a mark on it! Works perfectly, lens is fine, and one tiny mark on the anno.

Looks like you can claim your lights are drop tested to at least 125 feet onto bedrock.

EDC corroded flashlightI wanted to let you know what kind of abuse your EDC Tactical Lights are capable of handling. While drilling an offshore well in the Cook Inlet of Alaska, I dropped my EDC Tactical 170 Lumen light in a pit full of drilling fluid. The Drilling Fluids were highly agitated & had a pH ranging that was maintained between 11.5 & 12.5. 27 days later while we were changing out fluid systems the light was recovered & was fully functional. The attached picture was taken after the light was thoroughly cleaned…

I thought that you would find this testament of your product's resilience to be worth noting. The High pH did take a toll on the Aluminum case of the light, but other than that, the light was undamaged.

I would also like to add that the light was found to be lodged in a bed of solids on the bottom of the pit directly below the opening where the pit hands pour in caustic soda to maintain the high pH levels. So when looking at the picture, keep in mind that about once every 30 to 45 minutes this light had a sack of caustic soda thrown on top of it. About the time that the caustic soda dissolved into the drilling fluids, it was time for the pit hands to add another sack of caustic soda. This process continued, unchanged, for 27 days.

Personally, I was expecting that there would be more damage to the rubber boot (which has already been replaced on this particular light, yet the rubber was undamaged.

I have ordered a 2nd light from 'Battery Station' (I think was the name) so that I will have a back-up light in case this should happen again. I think that $159.00 is a bargain. I like good, well-engineered products and I consider your lights to be the best that money can buy…

I have stopped buying flashlights after my purchase of the Rotary. It is the perfect tool and always with me. I use the other lights as hand aways to keep my family away from my HDS and Ra lights.

This light is awesome! Thank you and keep up the great work. There is nothing on the current light market that even comes close to your build quality & customer service.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my light a few days ago and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! I'm even happier than I thought I would be. Congratulations on a truly outstanding product - truly the best technical flashlight that money can buy! It was worth the wait. I have some SureFire lights and they are very good, but yours are quite a bit better. I can't see how they won't sell like hotcakes - even at the premium price.

I just put together where I knew HDS from!? I retired from the USAF after spending 20 years in Special Ops (Joint Forces Terminal Strike Controller) and towards the end of that career I was introduced to the HDS family of tactical flashlights. I've carried them into and relied upon them in no less than 17 contingencies and special ops missions and never once did I have to wonder if my flashlight was going to work when I needed it. I've beat them to death, ran over one with an APC (in the sand mind you, but still!) and they never failed. The only time I had to replace them was when someone decided they needed it more than I did...

Overall, I am very impressed with the light.  It is the perfect EDC size, has the horsepower to serve in a tactical roll, and appears very well made and durable.  The light quality and beam density may be the best I've seen.

I've tested the Rotary 200 for a few weeks and now I can say that it's the best EDC flashlight I ever had.

Thanks for sending my Rotary light. It is the best EDC single cell light I have ever seen. (I own many Surefires, and also an HDS Twisty 140, another tank).

Hi, again, Mr. Henry. Just wanted to say I received my 120 Tactical in the mail the other day from battery station. I don't know if you care for fan mail, but this thing is immaculate, just beautiful. I never thought I would ever call a flashlight beautiful, but the sheer engineering, in this little light amazes me. I can't help but to look at it, and think this is what you intended. I can only imagine the hours, days, months, years you've put into building the ultimate EDC, the time and money you've spent, and it amazes me every time I pull it out, it's everything I hoped it to be,  and I can only imagine I will feel the same years down the road from now. Again, thanks Henry. Now one of your biggest fans, and a lifetime HDS customer.

Just a quick kudos to you for offering up a fantastic illumination tool. I use mine daily and it is a true pleasure to own. Thank you for the great thought and craftsmanship that went into this light.

Got my first HDS 170 for Christmas, this email to thank you for designing such good tools.

Received this weekend. Wonderful product, Excellent customer service. I guess that's why I've purchased over 30 of your lights in the last 10 years.

I received the EDC 120T (got it from GoingGear), and have not enough words to indicate how pleased I am. It truly lives up to its expectations about the robust and reliable build, and flawless design. I glanced through the manual, and boy, the on-board firmware is the most complex among what I've seen till date. I love the customizations, though it will be a while before I understand and implement these.

Thank you for this gem. Now I know why CPF ( is full of pages, and pages, and pages discussing these lights. Good luck to you and HDS Systems for the future.

I just wanted to let you know that I believe the Rotary is currently the best LED powered light on the market bar none. The super low mode on rotary mode is superb and the the default presets (clicky mode) are both practical and logical in both output and spacing. This combined with the ability to dial in the exact amount of brightness is shear genius. Thank you Henry/HDS for building the best MacGyver flashlight that flashlight enthusiasts have been wanting/needing whether we acknowledge it or not.

Hi, Henry! Just a note to let you know I’ve returned home safely to Tucson after a long (but productive) summer in Central Asia. Our Tibetan work was truncated by some of the worst weather (snow nearly every day at base camp; higher passes all still frozen shut as of late June) I’ve experienced in the field, but we rallied and extended our fieldwork in the Gobi in southern Mongolia by an extra couple of weeks (the weather was fine there!), so all in all I have no regrets or complaints.

Needless to say, the new light you gave me functioned flawlessly and I have to say I’m 100% sold on the continuously variable output function. It’s so nice to be able to dial in exactly the amount of light needed without going through some complex user interface! I used the thing constantly, every day, and only replaced the battery once, so kudos to you, sir, for having produced what is now my very favorite light, ever!

Wow! I had waited to get one, finally did and am blown away. I wasn't sure if I'd get along with rotary interfaces and bought a Sunwayman to try it out. It was really neat and I thought the magnetic switching was a nice no-wear method. But the Sunwayman light sucks. It looks and feels OK but it will fall apart with use. The driver is held in by 1 tiny screw, it looks like they originally wanted to use 2 but the second screw hole was too close to a component on the board. Only about 100 degrees of action on the ring. Put a different emitter in it and sold it.

That behind me, I sold my beloved Twisty as I just can't carry a light that I can't easily replace and it got some funds for my Rotary.

Arrived today and I'm in awe. Putting the control at the back is perfect. It is easy to grasp with a pinky or ring finger and twist the front with the rest of your fingers. Having a nearly 360 range of motion makes transition between levels smooth and less likely to overshoot your desired output as is so easy to do with the Sunwayman. I also think it's neat that you put it in a package that looks nearly identical to the clicky EDC with no additional wires running through the battery tube or any hint of anything different on the inside of the head.


My name is kevin and I just wanted to thank you for an amazing light. It is a well built light and the UI is superb. The light output is amazing. Great work and this may be the perfect flashlight ive been waiting for thanks

Just wanted to let you know that the custom HDS Rotary arrived last night, and it is perfect in every way! This is my first nice light above and beyond Surefires, and it's a real pleasure to use. I've already worked through the settings and the options and have customized to my current preferences. I'm glad I was able to wait to get a rotary version, as that seems to be the most useful interface.

I’ve been buying your products since the first of this Ra line became available (not even sure the Ra name was used then). I have 100s, 120s, 140s, 170s and a 200 from the very first run back some time ago. I have a few GTs (guaranteed tint) and a CRI – even a couple of Twisty’s with red output on low. [Anxiously awaiting a high output GT!]

I love these lights and give them away as gifts (and employee bonuses) when I think the person will appreciate them. I am telling you this simply to let you know how much many of us love the ‘tough as nails’ no-compromise lights you make.

I just wanted to write a short "thank you" note for the excellent product. I don't write feedback mails this often, but your product amazed me and I think you deserve this. I don't have great stories as I'm just another *boring* urban user living in a high-density city, but it feels good to carry the Clicky and know that it's there when I need it. The build quality and output quality are clearly visible. I really appreciate the effort that goes in making products like this.

I will watch your other products closely and (as long as my wallet permits) I will purchase other products from you. Thanks for making such a great product!

Well I have to say I am so glad I finally decided to join the HDS club! I have been debating on getting one for a very long time now, especially with all of the positive things I have read about them. But I just couldn't justify spending that much money for an EDC. I had spent close to it before with the SF LX2 and never liked that light. Sure the quality was great but just didn't fill my needs. In fact I have a table behind me full of lights (several more close to this price range) that just don't fill my needs!!!

Then the Rotary was announced and got me really excited because it looked like a great light that might come closer to filling my needs for an EDC. I had convinced myself to wait for a neutral or high CRI version because I have gotten on a big neutral kick and I have been hearing people talk about how great the high CRI lights are. Well Going Gear posted they had some in stock and the desire to see what was so special about these HDS lights got the best of me and I ordered one. (Glad I ordered quick too by the looks of things). The tint is great! Very white with it only slightly leaning towards the cooler side. I have too many cool white lights with bad tints so this was very pleasing!

Now that I have one, I see what all the talk is about with these lights!!! First thing I notice is this light is just a great looking light! I have always admired the looks, but seeing it in person blew me away. Second is just the feel of it... it just screams quality build, something I had only felt on a handful of lights before (and again I have a lot of them.) Right off the bat even in the default programming this light was like I had hoped for... really close to my needs. Though it needed a few things... well guess what: it can be programmed to have those few things!

After reading and re-reading and stressing and re-reading the manual I finally broke down and tried to customize it. I have to admit after actually doing it, I do believe I was worrying way too much about how hard it would be. It really wasn't that bad. Now if I ever lose my manual or can't get online I am out of luck but hopefully this will be my one and only customization of it. Because right now, function wise, this is my ideal light!!!

This is the light I have been waiting on! With the Rotary I can easily change modes to what I need prior to turning it on (and very smoothly adjust thanks to the smooth tail cap!) I can adjust it easily to any brightness while it's on without cycling through modes. Not only that I have quick access to burst, medium, and now tactical strobe no matter what level I am on. I usually will not even buy a light with strobe because I hate going into it unless I really want it. But I do like having the ability to get to it without reprogramming the light just to reprogram it back to my normal usage afterwards and of course by the time I did all that I wouldn't even need strobe!

One big thing I noticed, and was very impressed with, is how clear and clean the glass was! I actually had to touch it to make sure one was installed!

OK, so I have only had this light for 2 days now so I am sure I will probably find something later down the road that fills my needs better... though I may have different needs then too. But as of right now this is the light I have been waiting on (and waiting years for!) Now one thing I am having to get used to is the lack of a clip. Not sure I want to call this a negative just yet though. I have carried a clipped light for about 7 years now so I very much used to it and will take me a while to get used to pocket carrying. But I absolutely love how this light feels in the hand as it is and can only imagine a clip taking away from that. This coming from someone that 99% of the time will not buy a light that does not have a clip option... one thing that almost kept me from getting this light. So if you are worried about a lack of clip I say go ahead and try this light it may change your mind about having to have one.

So I rambled on long enough (sorry about that... I do have a tendency to ramble) so I am going to go play with my light some more. I will try to get out this weekend and take some photos of it and post them here. I hope everyone enjoys their new HDS Rotary as much as I do and for those still waiting... it's well worth the wait!

I'm a State Trooper and a SWAT sniper.  I'm also a member of the RI State Weapons of Mass Destruction Tactical Team.  We recently decided on purchasing everyone on the WMD team a light and the overwhelming majority automatically said, "definitely Surefire".  I campaigned hard for HDS Systems and gave quite a few demos with my Clicky.  I am pleased to report that early this month each of the 30 members of the team received an HDS EDC 140 Tactical.  The guys are absolutely in love with their new lights and can't say enough about them!!  

I just wanted to take this time to say a public "Thank You". Your lights have kept me safe and helped me find many problems that arise during the twilight hours on the railroad. My modded Clicky just last night got a real workout. I was having some real head scratching problems with my signal systems and spent the better half of last night trouble shooting. 1 RCR and 2 primaries later I found the "needle in the haystack" and made it back home safely to my family. I bought my first HDS lights earlier in 2010 and haven't looked back. They truly are the best lighting tools IMO. I look forward to your new creations and deploying them in the field as often as needed!

I purchased an EDC 120 from Battery Station in August. Even though I don't carry it every day, it has become my favorite light. I've found it to be every bit as good as all of it's avid supporters claimed! Kudos to you for designing such a great light at what I consider to be an even better price point.

I work outdoors, at times in the heaviest rain or snow you will ever see. Though I have many different quality brand lights, my 170 tactical or 140 twisty are the only two I will always trust in this type weather. I was a little tentative, at first, to use them in such a harsh environment, but that's exactly what they were bought for. Always read about these lights being built like a tank, now I know why.

I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you how much I like my new Clicky High-CRI. Almost 18 months after I emailed you inquiring if high-CRI lights were in your future, my high-CRI Clicky arrived yesterday. It was worth the wait.

All I can say is "Wow!" I own quite a few SureFire LED and incandescent lights and in the past whenever I've ventured outside of SureFire's lineup, I've usually been disappointed or underwhelmed. Not so anymore. This high-CRI Clicky is absolutely fantastic!

Thanks for building such a great product and thanks for your continual support of CPF (

I received my HI CRI Clicky and it really is an amazing light. I've tried many lights from just about every manufacturer mentioned on CPF and this light deserves to be the #1 must have light. I don't use my lights to show off, I use them as tools every day. What impresses me the most about this light isn't how programmable or versatile it is, but that it works every time and does what it is supposed to do. Also the HI CRI is now a must have for any new LED I purchase. I've learned it's not all about the Lumens, but what you can see with the light that counts.

I purchased a custom 170 clicky from you a few weeks ago. I had heard many good things about your lights, and when looking for a dependable light to carry, had gotten many suggestions pointing me your way.

I have been nothing but impressed with the light. The interface is as full featured as I could wish for. The build quality is top notch.

There are a few companies who put out a product that I trust completely. Products that I depend on for myself and my family when the need calls for them. These companies are few and far between. Quality and craftsmanship are getting rarer by the day. Your light is quickly proving itself to be something I can put my trust in without worry.

I know you are busy, and I do not mean to be taking up your time, but I felt I needed to drop you a line to thank you for making such a fine light. I do not think there is any other light out there that could replace it. Your craftsmanship is superb.

My Clicky has become my constant companion. Thank you for that.

I have the 170T and the High CRI 100. They are an awesome pair that really complement each other. I can say now I understand what the praise about HDS Clicky lights is about. These two have straight away become my EDC favorites!

The High CRI 100 is incredible at bringing out colours [colors] while the 170T simply is an excellent thrower. I think a new level of enjoyment is being added to my early morning/late night walks. I think with a Zebralight H501 and these two HDS Clicky lights I cover all bases with regard to the areas where I need to use a light.

Henry, I salute you Sir as a Master Craftsman.

I've only had my Clicky 170t for four days now. But this light just blows away my Quarks, Fenix and EagleTac. I don't regret buying any of these lights. But the Clicky is just head and shoulders (probably even waistline) above those. At first, spending almost $200 for a light seemed insane. Now I'm thankful that I did. This light, for lack of a better word, ROCKS!!! An HDS Twisty seems almost inevitable.

I don't know if you have been following the "Flashaholic Must Have" thread, but the HDS Clicky is decimating the competition. In a community of thousands spanning the globe and populated by fanatics, who own literally thousands of different lights from every maker known to man, you have created the #1 must have light.

You have bested some of the largest and wealthiest manufacturers of flashlights hosting massive R&D departments working round the clock, with your smallish (by comparison, though I don't know statistics) company, HDS Systems, located right here in AZ, USA.

This company has created some of the most rugged and dependable flashlights available (and cool looking too), with arguably the most advanced electronics available in a production light, and probably the most user customizable interface available in a production light.

You offer this ridiculously great light at what I and many others would consider a bargain. How you manage to design and build these lights for what you do without sacrificing quality in the least, baffles me.

I was the craziest Surefire junkie when I first got into this high - end light thing. For me is was Surefire and ONLY Surefire - everything else was junk in my view. I was a Surefire BEEEEYOOOTCH. Then one day, for some unexplained reason, I ordered a HDS Clicky 140. And my perception of the flashlight world changed forever. Unfortunately had to sell that one due to financial reasons, but it worked out cuz now I have the top dog - the HDS 170T....

I currently own *NO* Surefires and honestly have no desire to buy one. That should say something all by itself.

I don't know what you consider an 'extreme' user of a flashlight, but I will pass along this. I work for a company that provides mining and other mineral processing equipment worldwide. I have carried and used this single flashlight exclusively now for 2 years. It has been with me for several weeks underground (gold mining operation in South Africa) to the arctic (Ashton Diamonds site, Nunavut Canada) to the deserts (aluminum smelter operations, Ghana). All this time this flashlight has worked flawlessly. There may be flashlights that do things differently, but there is no better built flashlight.

(And for those who don't know, getting dissimilar metals to thread together accurately and positively is no small feat! In your case the stainless steel bezel and aluminum body to thread as well as you have is truly an art. I'm an ex-machinist having worked on aerospace and mining products, so I know and appreciate the quality and time you have put into this product!)

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